Sustainable agriculture

There is no universal definition of this term, but most of them include: ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just, culturally appropriate, human and based on a holistic scientific approach. Sustainable agricultural production must also reflect the concerns of consumers, as regards quality, safety and traditional/organic production methods.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative is a recent FAO initiative designed to support the transition to sustainable agriculture and rural development and to strengthen participation in programme and policy development. It supports capacity of rural communities, disadvantaged groups and other stakeholders to improve access to resources (genetic, technological, land, water, markets, information), promote good practices, and foster fairer conditions of employment in agriculture.

Links with other thematic areas

Agro tourism is also growing in its popularity, linking Tourism Development with Agriculture.
Older generations can provide much information about traditional land use practices, agricultural producs historically grown in the communities, medicinal plants and herbs, via Intergenerational Learning