Berkovitsa, Bulgaria: discovering surrounding Natural and Cultural Heritage through Intergenerational Learning

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At Berkovitsa generations meet to exchange knowledge

The community of Berkovitsa, Bulgaria participated in the Big Foot project.

Community Consultations over generations

Community Consultations took place during several community events in the cultural centers and schools. All interested residents of Berkovitsa, representatives of both younger and older generations -  students, local associations, craftsmen, mountaineers were invited to the Consultations.

During the consultations it became clear, that the younger generations in Berkovitsa are no longer familiar with the surrounding Mountains: they did not remember the names of the mountains, nor the rich historical and cultural heritage, associated with them. At the same time, the active and engaged older population was not familiar with basic technological tools, such as using a computer.

Intergenerational activities

The community decided to organize intergenerational activities linked with discovering the local natural and cultural heritage, and teaching the local seniors computer skills.

The long-term vision was  not only to develop the feeling of appreciation and connection with the local area, but also to think as a tourism provider, about what local natural and cultural riches can be attractive, should be advertised, and could support economic development of Berkovitsa.

Senior guides share fundamentals on history, folklore, flora and fauna

Big Foot organized excursions and field trips, where seniors and school students participated together. The Intergenerational group thus visited the most popular tourist landmarks of the North-West Bulgaria, such as Zdravchenica, Haidushki Vodopadi, Kom, Stаrkovitza, Todorini Kukli and Lopushna. The seniors guided the students to the above places, shared historical facts, legends and folklore, and conveyed their knowledge about the local fauna and flora. The students were taught to read topographical map and compass, and the basic techniques in surviving in the mountains.

Students teach ICT: GPS navigation, video recording use of social networks

Each excursion lasted one to two days, during which students not only became familiar with the local surroundings and developed appreciation for their local nature and cultural heritage, but also had a chance to act as trainers, when teaching the seniors how to operate digital and video cameras, and how to use multiple features of mobile phones, such as GPS navigation. In fact, the ICT training continued even after the excursions, and included teaching to the seniors several basic digital competences, such as communicating trough the Internet and other Social Networks, under the guidance of ICT professionals.

Further information and pictures:

More detailed information and photos can be found on the Big Foot website and facebook page:


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nice story. the hikes sound very interesting.

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