Big Foot – Big Step –European Conference in Brussels

2013-06-20 - 2013-07-20

The Big Foot – Big Step –European Conference "Local Development through Intergenerational Learning in Mountain Areas" took place in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium on June 20, 2013

As the Big Foot project covers different European priorities, this conference brought together experts and target group representatives in the field of Intergenerational learning, as well as different key actors and policy makers. It included a session on “Interactive Project Showcase” for related projects, funded by the ‘Lifelong Learning Programme’ as well as Interreg. It focused on their concrete outputs and innovative benefit for learning opportunities, for practices, know-how exchange, local development and social inclusion in general. Held in the premises of the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels, it gathered participants from national and European stakeholders as well as representatives of the European Commission. It stressed the importance of maintaining a link between intergenerational learning practices in European Mountain policies and gave an outlook on the main issues related to the theme of intergenerational learning.


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